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You may notice there are two series of prints below. The first are neighborhood scenes. The second series resulted from a workshop at Le Bonheur with children and parents. Many of these images are set in the hospital and feature words from the workshop participants. Michelle East of Memphis gets photo credit for the doll pictures in the second group. The background patterns are my designs as well and many of them were printed onto the ceiling tiles above the artwork. There are more than two dozen prints, so keep scrolling to see them all.
Group One:
Dr. Dave's Neighborhood
“A Car Named Juliette”, 36”x72” 2010.



“Poppy’s House”, 36” x 72” 2010.
Poppy Reading
“Story Time”, 30”x40” 2010. Featuring Poppy, Penelope, Georgia and their animal friends.
“Georgia Spying”, 30”x40” 2010. Featuring Poppy, Penelope, Georgia and their animal friends.
“Bunnies, Turtles and that Bird”, 30”x40” 2010. Featuring Jonathan and Ruby.
Rusty and Margo
“Rusty Loves Cupcakes”, 30”x40” 2010. Featuring Margo and Rusty.
Ruby and Grandma
“Ruby and Her Grandma”, 40”x30” 2010.
Poppy & Penelope
Poppy and Penelope Share” 30”x40”. All of Penelope’s drawings are by Lila Shermeta, age 6.
Jonathan and Gus
“Jonathan and His Granddad Gus” 40”x30” 2010.
Zaza Watching
"Zaza Admires That Bird" 30"x 40" 2010
Penelope & Her Grandma
“Penelope & Her Grandma” 40”x30” 2010.
"Taking a Ride" 30"x40" 2010.
Mom & Dad Go to Work
"Mom and Dad Take a Lunch Break" 40"x30" 2010
Dianne & Linda
"Dianne & Linda" 40"x30" 2010
"Doctors" 40"x30" 2010. Featuring Dr. Dave, Dr. Emma Dee & Dr. Dennis
Group Two:
“I Used to be a Paintbrush” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Jonathan, words by Verlisia Toney, scribble by Isaiah


Dr. Emma Dee
"Radio Flyer" 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Rusty, Jonathan and Dr. Emma Dee
“I Used to be Rough and Rocky” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Garvey and Sophia, words by Verlisia Toney

“Dr. Dave Visits Rusty” 30"x40" 2010 Featuring Dr. Dave and Rusty

Patient & Doctor

“Georgia at the Hospital” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Georgia and Dr. Emma Dee

Dr. Dennis

“Penelope Gets Better” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Penelope and Dr. Dennis.

“Colleagues” 40"x30" 2010. Featuring Dr. Dave and Dr. Dennis


I Used to be a Frown, But Now I am a Clown” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring the three Dr. dolls words by Isaiah Flowers drawn by Saylor


“Rolling Mama” 40"x30" 2010. Featuring Francesca and Little Red, words by Lexie Holman


“I Remember When I Could Only be in a Crib” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Rosemary, Daddy and Little Red, words by Tiarrah.

“I Remember Seeing My Sister for the First Time” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Garvey and Sophia.


“Georgia Rides a Tricycle” 40"x30" 2010. Featuring Georgia.

Poppy Reading

“Poppy Reads a Story” 30"x40" 2010. Featuring Poppy, Penelope & Georgia.


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