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dAveDaniel Says:

When I gave one of your DAVE dolls to my three and one half year old grand nephew, his reaction amazed me. The bonding was so immediate and complete. He took DAVE from the wrapping, looked at the doll, held it and then for the next two hours would not let it go. At that point he agreed to transfer it to his father--with specific instructions to “hold DAVE.” That afternoon my grand nephew took DAVE with him when he lay down for his nap, a first according to my Grand Niece.

What makes this quick and secure attachment particularly amazing was that my grand nephew has always favored trains and trucks. But DAVE seemed to touch in a special way. Clearly the design, and the handmade feel made a powerful difference.

Thank you so much for creating DAVE.

penelopeKwan Says:

I just wanted to let you know that my younger son absolutely LOVES the doll!!  He has renamed her "Baby", immediately gave her a hug and kiss and then put her 'nigh-nigh' by patting and rubbing her back.  Thank you so much!!




Ruby's dolls

Julie Says:

Ruby loves all three of her Woobery dolls! You just have to smile when you look at them-made with reverence and attention to the quirky and colorful aesthetic of a child's hand/imagination.  They are beautifully crafted works of art, yet are absolutely made tough and inviting for years of play.




aidan & foxAidan Says:

"The fox is a big fox and he lives in the woods. He is scared of witches, so he blows his bugle at night time." Aidan is three and he likes to sleep with fox every night.




lucilleAlena says:

I picked out lucille for our 8 month old daughter e. because i instantly loved her warm, inviting expression. Her sewn eyes are somehow sympathetic and hopeful and her skinny, expressive arms exude friendliness. e. lights up whenever she sees lucille. She reaches and squeezes her and lets out a squeal of laughter. e. loves lucille's bright round hands and her soft hair and velveteen body is perfect for the tactile exploration of a baby.

My four year old son, josiah, also has fallen for lucille's charms. We
make up lengthy conversations with lucille, who is, of course, endlessly curious to meet and talk with all my son's stuffed animals and puppets.

The wooberry dolls are like people you want to get to know better. It is no exaggeration to say that lucille has become a member of the family.

pretty mama dollMary says:

This doll is absolutely wonderful! It is beautifully made and completely unique and looks just like a child's drawing come to life. The seller was easy to deal with and accommodating and I would recommend a Wooberry to anyone!




poppy doll

Barbara says:

I love my wooberry doll made from a picture my granddaughter drew of her grandfather.  The doll perfectly captures Poppy’s persona, and everyone in our family has had a lot of fun with it.





Debbie says:

The wooberry dolls each have their own personality. They capture the spirit of a child's drawings with beautiful craftsmanship and amazing colors.


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