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Melissa was featured on Channel 3's Live@9 in Memphis, TN on January 29th. Read below to see more of what people are saying about Poppy's Pants:

"pEnelope likes to sew. When her grandfather, pOppy, asks her to mend a hole in his pants, the little girl faces several problems. She cannot decide which color thread to use, and pOppy, who says he is "color-blind like a cocker spaniel," is no help. pEnelope imagines what a puppy's favorite color would be and decides that aquamarine would be best. Then her stitches either look like a smile or a starburst, until she settles upon a method of sewing that makes the patch look like a spider web. Once all the problems are settled, Granddad makes dinner for the young seamstress and her mAma and they go out for some rainbow sherbet. Conroy's collage illustrations feature her cloth "woOberry" dolls. The simplicity of the dolls and the use of bright colors make the story fun and quirky, but there's no explanation for the weird capitalization in the text. Children can learn from pEnelope, who takes on a project that is more difficult than she anticipated but who perseveres until she arrives at a workable solution."—Linda Staskus, Parma Regional Library, OH, School Library Journal

"This is a cute story and the combination of the dolls set in illustrated backgrounds is fun. I thought this book would be too young for our daughter, but she really liked the story and what she learned about sewing. Bright colors and expressive doll characters will capture the hearts of little girls and grandfathers alike." - The Reading Tub

"In a move that touches my writerly heart, the dolls have gone meta and returned to their paper-based roots in pOppy's pants, Conroy's first (and hopefully not only) book. Featuring pOppy and pEnelope, two of Conroy's signature dolls, this picture book combines photography and drawings and had my daughter and me wondering just how much sewing did Melissa have to do to get this book created? I especially love the postcript by the author's father, Pat, which might have made me cry. Just a little bit. After my daughter fell asleep and I lay there reading it while watching my girl breathe." - Rita Arens, Cool Mom Picks

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